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The The Rev. Dr. John P. McGinty began his ministry with us as Rector on November 1st.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parish for their input, as well as the Profile Committee, the Search Committee and the Vestry for the many hours they dedicated to the search process over this past year.

Clergy and Staff

The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island

The Rev. Dr. John P. McGinty

Phone: (631) 744-7730
E-mail: jmcginty@stanselmsofshoreham.org


Mrs. Barbara A. Dougherty Parish Administrator

Phone: (631) 744-7730


Mrs. Dani O'Conner Director, Saint Anselm's Academy

Phone: (631) 744-2560


Mrs. Suzanne Mannix School Administrator

Phone: (631) 744-2560



Dr. Joan Daly-Lewis Music Minister

Phone: (631) 744-7730

Mr. Allan Pearsall Sexton

Phone: (631) 744-7730


Lay Leadership

Vestry Members

Tom Killeen, Warden
Bob Pokorny, Warden
Laura Spilllane, Treasurer
Warren Ferdinandsen, Clerk
Lynn Fullshire
Robert Higgins
Bonnie Kroll
Jane Lauria
Deborah Lynn
Jonathan May
John Mazzola
Linda Weiss



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Camp DeWolfe                        http://campdewolfe.org/

Mercer School of Theology     http://www.mercerschool.org/

The History of Saint Anselm of Canterbury Church, Shoreham

Following a large November 8, 1965 meeting of clergy and laity in the area, Episcopal work in Shoreham began on December 5, 1965 with a service in Lutheran Hall, a space rented from a local Lutheran church. The first mention in a journal of convention is in the Rev. Canon John W. Davis, archdeacon of Suffolk’s report to the May 1966 convention (p. 119):

A new mission work has been started in the Rocky Point-Shoreham area. With the cooperation of Grace Church, Riverhead, and interested local residents, the Diocese sent the Reverend Canon John W. Davis to do exploratory work in the area. Services have been held, beginning on Sunday, December 5, 1965. A Church School, an Altar Guild, an Executive Committee, and Episcopal Churchwomen have been organized under his direction. A good response makes this new mission a promising work, and will warrant in the near future a full-time resident priest.

A clipping from the January 1966 issue of the diocesan periodical Tidings in the Diocese of Long Island archives for the church says that 159 persons attended the initial service. In December 1966, the Rev. Joe Arnold O’Steen took over as vicar. The son of a clergyman and born in Hope, Arkansas, O’Steen remained until 1970. In 1969 a building on Route 25A that formerly had housed the local telephone exchange was purchased. It was renovated from 1969 to 1970. In May 1967 the Diocese of Long Island purchased a house for use as a rectory and a plot of land for the future erection of a church. To the convention of 1969 O’Steen reports 139 communicants. The Rev. Robert W. H. Plested, born in Queens on December 14, 1939, was vicar of St. Anselm’s from 1970 to 1972; he left St. Anselm’s to become a chaplain in the United States Air Force. He was followed at St. Anselm’s by the Rev. Charles C. Greene, III, who had been born in Port Washington on August 7, 1927. Greene was a late vocation; he attended the George Mercer, Jr. School of Theology from 1962 to 1970. Like Plested, he was ordained by Bishop Sherman. Greene served St. Anselm’s as vicar from June 1972 to February 1978. He reports 169 communicants to the convention of 1973 and 220 to the convention of 1977.

The groundbreaking for the erection of a parish house for St. Anselm’s, styled a “multi-purpose community center”, was held in the fall of 1975. Photographs from the event are the cover of the November 1975 issue of Tidings; Greene is quoted on page 3 to say, “It will eliminate the need for 120 people to worship in a sanctuary meant for 72 people!” From 1973 to 1978 Greene also was director of Camp DeWolfe. The former telephone building was sold on March 12, 1976. The Rev. William M. Viola followed Greene at St. Anselm’s, beginning as priest-in-charge in October 1978. Born in Brooklyn on February 7, 1942, Viola was received as a deacon from the Roman Catholic Church on June 28, 1975; he was ordained an Episcopal priest by Sherman at St. Mark’s, Islip, on October 29, 1975. Viola was an associate at St. Mark’s from 1975 to 1978. Viola reports 360 communicants at St. Anselm’s to the February 17, 1979 convention. St. Anselm’s was admitted into union with the Diocese of Long Island at the convention on February 20, 1982 (see p. 39 of that journal), and Viola became the first rector. He was named an honorary canon in 2006, and served St. Anselm’s until 2007. A sample of communicant numbers while Viola led St. Anselm’s follows (date is that of journal): 1982:417; 1983:513; 1990:692; 1995:723; 2000:893; 2007:1390.

The rector from 2008 to 2014 was the Rev. Mark R. Clevenger, who arrived first as Priest-in-Charge and later became the second rector of the parish. When Clavenger left Saint Anselm’s, the Rev. Lyndon Shakespeare arrived to serve as interim rector while the search process was convened and continued. On November 1, 2016, the Rev. Dr. John P. McGinty, until then the Dean of the George Mercer Jr. Memorial School of Theology, became the third rector of Saint Anselm’s Church.